Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Apache Axis2: Code Generator

Written by Thilini

Validate the wsdl file using wsdl validator.
This tool is available in every carbon product.

The wsdl2java tool is bundled with Axis2 Binary Distribution.

goto AXIS2HOME/bin and execute following command to generate java source.

sh wsdl2java.sh -uri /home/thilini/BPELApplicationAdmin.wsdl -o temp -u

-u --unpack-classes Unpack classes. This option specifies whether to unpack the classes and generate separate classes for the databinders.

-o <output Location> --output <output Location> Output file location. This is where the files would be copied once the code generation is done. If this option is omitted the generated files would be copied to the working directory.

Here you need to provide the absolute path for the validated wsdl file. Then it will store generated source at temp folder or wherever you defined it in the above command.

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