Saturday, February 19, 2011

WSO2 Carbon Studio: Tools for WSO2 Middleware Platform

WSO2 is an open source middleware company with a complete and comprehensive SOA middleware platform which is well known as Carbon and a PaaS which is known as Stratos.  But without proper tools, developers who develop their own solutions based on these SOA middleware will not get maximum benefits of them. Therefore, tools can play a significant role in reaching new sights. WSO2 Carbon Studio plays this significant role for WSO2 Carbon stack and Stratos PaaS by allowing new developers to try and evaluate Carbon platform with ease and making tasks easier for existing users.  WSO2 Carbon Studio is a collection of Eclipse plugins which enhances Eclipse IDE functionalities by extending IDE features to support WSO2 Carbon products and Stratos  with many other SOA features. Therefore Eclipse users can download Carbon Studio install it on your Eclipse installation. We decided to use Eclipse because it is completely free and open source and it is the most popular and widely used Java IDE and it will allow us to reach a much wider audience than any other IDE.   Following are the features that are included in the latest Carbon Studio 1.0.4 release. Application Server ToolsCreate and Edit Apache Axis2 Web ServiceContract first (Top down approach) Code first (Bottom-up approach) Create WSDL for Apache Axis2 Web Service archive (aar file) Generate Web Service clientFrom aar file From WSDL Web ApplicationsCreate and edit web applications Test and debug Apache Axis2 Services and Web Applications Deploy Apache Axis2 services and web applications Deploy JAX-WS services Enterprise Service Bus ToolsView, Create and EditEndpoints Proxy Services Sequences Local Entries Create custom mediators Registry Referencing Test and debug custom mediators and other ESB artifacts Deploy custom mediators and other ESB artifactscontaining as hot deployable file containing as registry resource Governance Registry ToolsCreate and deploy registry resource artifactsfrom a local file or a folder Import from a registry or as a registry dump Create, edit, debug and deploy registry handlers and filters Registry ManagementWorking with a registry onlineAdding multiple remote registries at once View, add, edit and delete registry resources and collections Import (drag-drop) resources from registry and file system View, add, edit and delete Properties, Associations, Dependencies, Comments and Tags Modify permission of a resource or collection Easily modify resources through configured Eclipse editors Check-out registry content to Eclipse workspace Working with a registry in the offline modeAdd resources in Eclipse workspace to the registry Add, modify and delete checked-out resources in the workspace and commit the changes back Sync the checked-out resources with the online registry User ManagementAdd, modify and delete users Modify the permissions of a given role Modify permission for a selected registry resource Business Process Server ToolsView, create and edit BPEL projects Test and deploy BPEL artifacts Gadget Server ToolsCreate and edit gadgets Test and deploy gadget artifacts Data Services Server ToolsCreate and edit data services (XML configurations) Create and edit data services validators Test and deploy data services artifacts and data services validators Carbon ToolsCreate, edit, debug and deploy Carbon UI bundles Deploy third party libraries as bundles Test and deploy data service artifacts and data service validators The recommended configuration for WSO2 Carbon Studio is as follow. 1. Eclipse Helios (3.6) or Helios SR1 (3.6.1) for Java EE developers.2. Oracle JDK 1.63. Any Operating System4. Around 100Mb of Hard Disk space In order to install Carbon Studio, there are 2 methods of doing that. You can follow any of them according to your preference. 1. Offline installation via Downloaded WSO2 Carbon Studio P2 features- If you prefer download first and install later, this option is for you.2. Online installation via WSO2 P2 feature repository

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